La Cochura was founded in 1996 as an alternative to the gathering of dry pulses companies in Spain. It is a company with vast experience in pulses field and its employees are great professionals of the sector who have many years of working experience.

La Cochura’s operations are based on price, quality and good service. Our team is committed to its work with the purpose of providing the best raw ingredients to your plate.

Production capacity, location and the knowledge of the market of our professionals put us in a strong position and make us a fierce competitor. La Cochura count on many years of experience in the fields of market, product and land, this is why our company is a benchmark in pulses market.

legumbres naturales cochura

Our factory is located in Tarancón, half way between Madrid and Valencia, where the legumes are part of its food culture.

Nowadays, La Cochura distribute its products all Spain around and has started the internationalization process to countries such as Portugal, France, Germany, The Netherlands, England, Sweden, Angola or Dominican Republic.